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The island of Ischia is large and there are many beautiful places to visit.

Ischia is a very large island and is rich in natural beauty and history. Our guests can take guided tours and discover the most beautiful places on the island. A pleasant scenic walk leads to the heart of the historic center of Ischia Porto: along the road you can stop to visit the medieval village of St. Alexander, with its narrow streets and a beautiful church.
Passing through the village you can see Palazzo D'Ambra, one of the oldest buildings in the area. The road surrounding the port of Ischia is very characteristic and reveals its ancient origin as a lake, before the intervention of Ferdinand II. Walking along the harbor you can reach the right bank, full of restaurants and bars, and one of the most mundane area of Ischia nights.

  • The Nature

    Near the hotel lies one of the greatest woods of the island of Ischia: the hill of La Maddalena, with its lush pine trees planted in 800.

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  • The sea & the spa

    Our guests can easily find some of the wonderful beaches and hot springs that make Ischia unique.

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